Apus Launcher

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  • Size 3.9M
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  • Version 1.9.9


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What is APUS Launcher?

APUS Launcher is an Android launcher that focuses on being lightweight, while also offering users all of the extra features that they’ve come to expect from third-party homescreens. APUS launcher features an emphasis on making it quick and easy to access apps on your device, as well as find new one to install. Those that spend a lot of time on the Internet will appreciate the built-in search app that offers up information from all over the world as well as a quick way to search contacts, apps and more on your device. APUS Launcher is easy to theme with lots of free themes available as well as new wallpapers all the time. It’s infinitely customizable and we’re sure that more themes will be coming to the launcher soon. For now though, let’s read on to see what APUS is like.

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What can APUS Launcher do for you?
➢ Bring a better user experience
Make your Android phone easier, faster and more convenient to use.
➢ Speed up your device 
Boost RAM and make your phone faster and more smooth
➢ Personalization 
Use thousands of HD Wallpapers, themes, and cool screen transition effects to make your phone customized and special.
➢ Manage apps
Intelligently categorize your apps, quickly search and find recently used apps, and discover trending apps in the market and nearby
➢ Discover & improve lifestyle
APUS helps you find hot news, popular sites, and funny games to meet your lifestyle needs.

APUS Launcher Features:
● APUS Boost - Cleans and boosts RAM in one tap so you can switch between games, apps and messages faster than ever.
● Priority Apps and Smart Folders - Conveniently locate apps, which are automatically sorted by category or usage.
● Mobile Search - Search the web, fun apps/games, and find apps in your phone or tablet right from the home screen.
● APUS Discovery- Discover trending apps nearby in real-time.
● Linked Wallpaper - Change a friend's wallpaper by changing your own. Share and connect with the world.
● Wallpaper - Set new breathtaking HD wallpapers for your home screen. Share your favorite wallpapers through Photo Story with APUS users worldwide.
● Themes - Download new themes for free from our regularly updated gallery. Customize your home screen.
● App Drawer - Find all your apps listed in one folder. Easily search for your apps by alphabetical order.
● APUS Know - Wind Chime swings to remind you of important calendar events and hot news.
● Free Swipe - Swipe right to the Free Swipe tab to quickly open a menu of recently-used apps and your device's system settings.
● APUS Headlines - Read trending news or search the web with just a swipe right on the home screen.
● Enhanced App Market - Browse the App Market effortlessly, find hot and interesting apps with a simpler layout.
● APUS Toolkit - APUS' digital toolbox is filled with an assortment of useful widgets: booster, flashlight, calculator, notepad, and more.
● Screen Transition Effects - Customize the way you flip between screens with Transition effects.
● Power+ - Extend your device's battery life and monitor battery usage.